Big House Tour 2012

Exploring the Big House

Block Printing

Block printing with WISE to show some creativity

Robot C Camp

Robot C Camp Fall 2012

Valentires Making

Valetines Making for WISE

WISE Segway Tours

WISE Segway tours of North Campus

WISE Co-Sponsored Finding a Concentration Event

WISE Co-Sponsored Finding a Concentration Event

Welcome to WISE!

The University of Michigan WISE Program is designed to increase the number of girls and women pursuing degrees and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics while fostering their future success. Women in Science and Engineering programs are open to all students, they are designed to encourage and support women and girls.

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U-M WISE programming includes pre-college programs (grades 6-12), programs for undergraduate and graduate women. Post doctoral students are welcome to participate in any program they find beneficial. WISE also has volunteer, leadership and employment opportunities for U-M undergraduate and graduate students in the sciences and engineering.

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